Food Safety & Quality is our top priority at Cache Creek Foods (CCF). Our products are certified Kosher, made with the freshest, finest tree nuts, and processed with the utmost care; as if they are being prepared for us and our families.

We laboratory test each batch of product and provide Certificates of Analysis to our customers, so you can rest assured that you are receiving thoroughly screened tree nut products that meet the highest microbiological specifications.

As part of this ongoing commitment, CCF undergoes 3rd party audits to guarantee the safety of our products and our ability to trace each ingredient and packaging material, and their transportation to and from our plant. We carefully audit our suppliers to ensure proper handling and compliance with our product requirements. And our workers undergo regular training to guarantee excellence. In demonstrating our commitment to producing the finest and safest quality products, CCF is SQF 2000 Certified and meets the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


National Organic Program
Non-Genetically Modified Program
Orthodox Union Kosher Program
Voluntary Aflatoxin Sampling Program (VASP)
Safe Quality Foods (SQF) 2000 Certified
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program
Food Defense Program
Recall Program
Environmental Sampling Program
Food Safety Crisis Management Program
Food Allergen Program
Pest Control Program
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program
Employee Training Program


Cache Creek Foods is a third generation, family owned and operated food ingredient manufacturer of natural Tree Nut-based Products, located in Woodland, California. CCF is founded on our personal and corporate commitment to manufacture safe, top quality foods and ingredients that are responsibly sourced and extend value to each customer, worker, and supplier.

It is our pleasure to provide the finest, freshest products to beverage and food manufacturers, private labels, and natural foods distribution grocery and snack trades. We meet the production schedules and exact specifications of our customers, and provide them with reliable, professional service. All of our tree nuts are of the highest grade and meet the strictest specifications. We source a large portion of our nuts from California growers, and personally visit our overseas growers at least once a year.


Cache Creek Foods ensures all customers and consumers that in the event of a Tree Nut recall, our site will provide all pertinent information if any of our products are implicated.


Cache Creek Foods’ commitment to its customers and potential customers includes honoring requests for most Food Safety and Quality Documents or Statements. Requests for documents are initiated through our Customer Service Department and completed and issued by our Food Safety and Quality Department. To request Food Safety and Quality Documents and Statements please contact Customer Service

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