We specialize in superior, all natural ingredients for tree-nut based beverages and foods, available in 100% Organic (QAI) or Conventional. Offerings include AlmondGold ExtraSmooth®—the most highly regarded ingredient in the AlmondMilk industry—as well as AlmondCream ExtraSmooth®, CashewGold ExtraSmooth™, HazelnutGold ExtraSmooth™, CashewHazel ExtraSmooth™, PecanGold ExtraSmooth™, and MacadamiaGold ExtraSmooth™.

In addition, our Kosher, all-natural Tree Nut Butters, and various Raw, Roasted, Flavored, & Candied tree nuts are processed for private labels, food manufacturers, and natural foods distribution trades. Custom products and ingredients are available with appropriate quantities.


Made from the freshest, premium tree nuts (and nothing else), these fine ingredients are produced on proprietary equipment for optimal product functionality in products such as AlmondMilk, non-dairy yogurts, and fine desserts. They are easily blended into beverages, ice creams, and other confections. Customers can request a completely neutral to robust nut flavor, depending on application. Use as a concentrate for dilution, or apply by spray to cereals and other foods to add the nutritional benefits of tree nuts to any product, without compromising appearance, texture, or taste.


Cache Creek Foods specializes in delicious Tree Nut Butters that provide taste and health benefits for improved nutrition and functionality. Made to order from the finest, freshest tree nuts, our butters are prepared fresh to order so that each customer receives a tasty tree nut product with an optimal shelf life at a competitive cost. All-natural almond, cashew, pecan, and hazelnut (filbert) butters are Kosher certified and produced to meet your specific product requirements, such as taste, color, and particle size. Organic certified processing is available. Almond butters include: Natural, Stabilized, and Smooth. Certificates of analysis and special labeling are available upon request.


Fresh, safe, and packed with nutrients, our tree nuts are of the highest grade and meet the strictest specifications. Many of our family recipes have been honed for more than 20 years. The result: delicious, guilt-free tree nuts. Raw, perfectly Roasted, or Flavored to perfection with the finest, tastiest ingredients. Whether plain, sweet or savory, we’re thrilled to offer gourmet goodness in a nutritional confection. Popular flavors include honey roast, maple glazed, chile con lemon, and hickory smoked. Eat up.


Cache Creek Foods is on the cutting edge of food processing technologies and we have become experts at changing the “shape” of tree nuts.  We now offer full nutrition tree nut powders.  These powders are set apart in flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits.  They have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and are bursting with flavor.  These powders open up a wide range of product applications in the plant-based industry.


We offer a variety of custom processing options. Based on order quantity and commitment, we are happy to help our customers develop unique tree nut ingredients, as well as custom flavors and coatings. *Please note our plant is peanut-free to avoid cross contamination.

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